Enterprise Content Management

fileEnterprise Content Management (ECM) has been defined by the industry in many different ways. Many organizations seeking ECM solutions are actually searching for document management, or document imaging, or even content management solutions.

ECM is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization’s unstructured information, wherever that information exists.

Open Rationale’s ECM solution features:

  • An affordable, platform based solution for managing your company’s unstructured content
  • An enterprise scalable and comprehensive ECM solution for searching, viewing, securing, routing and annotating your company’s mission critical electronic content
  • A comprehensive solution for managing the capture of your enterprise content using Open Source platform
  • Direct integration with the user’s desktops for the capture and standardization of electronic content from office applications, e-mail or even line of business applications