supportWith the effort expended to Design and Integrate a business solution that delivers business advantages, the last thing you need is unavailable, unresponsive or untimely support when you most need it. Open Rationale will ensure that each customer is protected as much as possible from unplanned events by considering issues such as redundancy, data and power protection, backups, fail overs, continuity. However when unplanned events do occur, that is not the time to realise that you have substandard support.

Open Rationale provides two arms to its support offering vendor support and Open Rationale support. All Open Rationale ‘s solutions will include vendor support for every hardware and software component. The manner in which this support is activated and utilised effectively is detailed to each customer. In addition, leading up to the expiry of such support, Open Rationale will engage with the customer to ensure ongoing support is appropriately addressed.

Open Rationale augments vendor support not only by managing expiring support contracts on behalf of clients but also acting as the first point of call for all solution’s support issues. We can leverage our relationships and experiences with vendors to assist our clients where necessary to have support issues dealt with as quickly as possible.

If required, Open Rationale can provide routine, proactive on-site support for our clients. This service can be tailored to products and visit frequency as required by each customer. Should a customer require, Open Rationale can also provide remote monitoring and management.

Underpinning all support is Open Rationale ‘s capacity to train customer staff in the support and management of the solution. Again this provides the customer with the knowledge to internally support the solution and the confidence that Open Rationale ‘s assistance is only a phone call away.

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