Business Continuity Services

Biz-conOpen Rationale’s Business Continuity Services protect the overwhelming majority of the world’s most critical information. We’ve developed many continuity plans to address disasters and operational challenges for Government and private institutions.

Our comprehensive approach mitigates risk and exposure to your business by helping you develop a long-term continuity strategy, then implementing that strategy by building a resilient infrastructure. Finally, we can help you manage your recovery program to insure that you adapt to new conditions and maintain the continuity you need for success.


Open Rationale helps you develop a relevant business continuity plan for your organisation. Policy change, new technologies, and changes to key applications can render existing plans obsolete and put your critical business information infrastructure at risk during a disaster. We’re expert at helping you identify the gaps in your plans and adapt them to meet a changing environment. And we can prepare your staff for a real disaster by running table-top recovery drills.

Open Rationale’s business continuity methodology provides a framework to:

  • Assess existing requirements.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a detailed business continuity strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Open Rationale helps you develop a disaster recovery strategy to protect your critical business functions and supporting information infrastructure. We understand the most advanced technologies and design and position the right solutions for your specific needs. What’s more, we recommend alternative architectures that meet established service-level objectives.

We help you:

  • Assess risks and exposures to mission-critical business processes.
  • Establish business requirements.
  • Develop a high-availability disaster recovery strategy.
  • Once your strategy is in place, we have the skills to:
  • Test your recovery capability.
  • Manage your recovery program.
  • Continuously maintain and measure your program.

Operational Recovery

Open Rationale provides the tools, technologies and best practices you need to meet operational recovery requirements with speed, ease, and confidence, assuring high data availability under any circumstances.

We know that the greatest risk of data loss arises from operational issues. We’re experts at creating solutions that prevent losses resulting from unplanned outages such as software faults and operator errors. Equally important, we understand how to minimize the downtime costs of planned outages including software upgrades, patches, and data migrations.