Operations Services

OpsOpen Rationale can help you optimise data centre operations based on industry frameworks such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Open Rationale has helped enterprises solve their operational challenges. We address all aspects of data centre operations.

Let us help you:

  • Create catalogues of tiered IT services.
  • Design more efficient operational processes.
  • Develop more effective IT organisations.
  • Charge the business for IT services consumed.
  • Classify data to leverage the tiers of service in your service catalog.
  • Report metrics to management.

IT Service Catalog

Open Rationale helps IT organizations evolve from focusing exclusively on technology to providing services through the development of service catalogs. We help you understand the cost-benefit tradeoffs for service levels across your infrastructure, including performance and availability, operational recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, and information security.

Our consultants have extensive experience in analysing business requirements, creating technical architectures, and developing business cases for tiered information infrastructures.

Process Design

Open Rationale has extensive experience helping organizations optimise their IT operations based on industry best practices. We provide efficient, repeatable, and cost-effective processes for data centre management, including such critical operations as incident management, capacity management, and change management.

Our experienced consultants can:

  • Design and document operational processes and develop process flows.
  • Produce operations run books of detailed technical procedures.
  • Develop service and operational metrics to establish baseline and desired performance.
  • Create training materials and implementation plans.

Management Dashboard

Open Rationale helps improve access to business performance data. We develop management dashboards that display the real-time business metrics and key performance indicators stored in business intelligence (BI) systems. Dashboards provide the presentation formats that enable cross-functional, decision-focused analysis.

Our consultants include industry-focused business analysts, data management professionals, and data visualisation experts who understand information architecture and user behaviours. The management dashboards we build present performance and capacity planning information and perform what-if analysis to determine cause and effect.

Data Classification

Open Rationale helps organizations manage business and compliance requirements for their critical applications. We implement IT services as recommended by industry frameworks such as ITIL.

Our approach aligns applications and their supporting infrastructure to tiers of service based on service level requirements. Our consultants help you match application service level requirements to parameters in the services catalog, such as performance, cost, availability, retention period, recovery time, and allowable data loss in case of disaster. We can inventory current data, costs, and usage patterns for most challenging data categories.